Problems in Finland

1. Depending who’s counting, there are perhaps 500 000 people without work in Finland. This is a problem for those people. How to solve this problem? Perhaps like this?

Send unemployed people to private training institutions for expensive courses. It doesn’t matter what they’re taught there. The main thing is that while they’re being trained they are off the unemployment statistics.
Use any excuse you can to cut people’s benefits and make them go through a long and uncertain path of complaining; while out of benefits they’re out of statistics.
Make it harder to start businesses. Most businesses fail within the first five years and the business owner becomes unemployed. Try to avoid this by not letting anyone but the wealthy to start businesses.
Force people to do slave work. They don’t get paid but they are not counted as unemployed while working, so it looks good.
Drive people to mental breakdown or physical illness so they may be granted sickness benefits or a pension; no longer unemployed.

Or perhaps something along these lines?

Make it easier and more affordable to start one-person businesses.
Make it easier to hire and dismiss people without fuss.
Support entrepreneurial people until their own work becomes profitable. Yes, it would be good if they had a part-time job while establishing their own business, but it’s not so easy to find that job nowadays.
Make it illegal for government departments to use other than Finnish goods and services.
Let people work and get other occasional income without risking their benefits.
A small national wage (600 euros or so) for all Finnish citizens on top of which one could work as much as one wanted to, or to study, or if they so wished, do nothing, but I doubt many people would stay at home if taking on work would mean improving their situation with no risk to their basic income.

2. Businesses sack employees, down-size, move abroad or hire illegal foreign workers. Could this be solved like this?

Let businesses take on slave workers.

Or perhaps something like this?

Support Finnish businesses.
“Buy Finnish” campaigns.
Make it compulsory for government departments to do their purchases from Finnish companies.
Businesses should not be penalised for hiring staff (high social security and other fees per employee) but make it easier and cheaper. If everyone was entitled to a national wage, employers wouldn’t need to pay for it all. Income tax for the very wealthy would be increased. Tax system should be overhauled. I am not an economist and I don’t have the answers, but I’m sure there are people in this country who do. One thing I believe firmly is that it’s not to our common benefit to squeeze the last cent out of the poor by reducing their benefits and by increasing the taxes everyone pays. In Finland, people who’s only income is 156 euros per week, even from that they pay 30 euros per week as income tax. Isn’t it absurd? One government department is giving a little, the second is trying to find excuses to stop paying and the third is taking back part of what was given. Many people are employed to do all this, sure, but is it productive work?


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