Thoughts about unemployment

Is the social security system meant for guaranteeing the wellfare of everyone or is it for finding the weakest in society and humiliating them? If the purpose is to get rid of those who have slipped off from career paths, killing them off with hunger is one way, of course. Driving them crazy is also effective. Suicide rates among the unemployed, especially self-employed without work, are higher than among the working population.

Someone said: There’s no shortage of work, there’s just shortage of people wanting to pay for it. Well, I’m not against voluntary work if it’s something that benefits the society, including the worker himself. I would not work for a commercial business with no pay unless I was a student and did it to get some work experience. But I would consider cleaning parklands, taking part in renovating old buildings owned by the council, looking after the elderly in their homes, picking berries for myself and for schools and old peoples’ homes (I have no car but would be happy to take part if someone organised wild berry picking weekends for unemployed people; I wouldn’t sell the berries to a commercial dealer but would happily give them to a good course.). I know there are lots and lots of work I can’t even think of just now. We could make this a better society by working together. Let’s stop thinking that unemployment is a crime. Let’s begin to see it as an opportunity.


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